'Peanuts' Gets NSFW When Adding Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele to the Crew (PHOTOS)

dakota johnson jamie dornanSince The Peanuts Movie is coming out November 6, there is Peanutize Me, an online tool to transform you into a Peanut character. No word on whether or not there will ever be a Fifty Shades Me, but my vote is for yes, please. And because I am obsessed with all things Grey, I had to see just what Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey would look like if they were Lucy or Charlie's best friend instead.


First Ana ... because ... ladies. I placed her on campus, her carefree days before she became so entangled in Christian's world of mind games and ropes purchased at the hardware store. She's happy, wearing that innocent smile she possessed before she was possessed by Mr. Grey. Wearing vintage, her old school VW Bug parked outside, Ana is there with her best friends who love her. But she's got Christian on her mind and her wrist -- that's not a bracelet, that's a rope burn.

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anastasia steele dakota johnson peanutize

And here is the same scene, just one minute after Ana disappeared into one of the classrooms. Christian ... following her.

peanutize christian grey

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If I could have, I would have changed the expressions on the other characters to a more perplexed or hesitant smile. Who is this guy? they would be thinking. And what is he doing with our Ana?

Of course, Christian and Ana are just way too naughty for this. I think you can see that in Christian's eyes.

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