Jamie Dornan's 'Fifty Shades' Fame May Have Cost Him a Role in a Bradley Cooper Movie

Talk about getting burned. It's being reported that Jamie Dornan's role in Bradley Cooper's upcoming flick Burnt has been edited out entirely, and you won't believe why.


The movie's story line centers on a one-time celebrity chef, played by Bradley, whose diva tantrums are so awful, no one wants to work with him again -- until he plots his comeback.

The Toronto Sun alleges that Jamie filmed scenes portraying one of Bradley rival chefs, but that footage has been completely edited out. Rumor has it the scenes were removed because producers are concerned that Jamie's Fifty Shades of Grey association is too distracting.

What the what?

This makes zero sense to me. Wouldn't you want a supporting actor in your movie with the kind of fan base Jamie has? I'm having a hard time buying that his Fifty Shades role has anything to do with the cut. Movie studios love packing as many stars into films as possible to boost their ticket sales, so it feels like there has to be another reason why his scenes would have been removed.

And it's not like this is the first time a major actor has been cut from a movie at the last minute. Remember when Shailene Woodley filmed a ton of scenes for one of the Spider-man movies, only to have them all edited out? Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't remember anyone saying that had anything to do with her affiliation with the Divergent series or anything else she has appeared in.

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I'm calling BS on this report, and supposedly a rep for the movie backs up my theory. The Sun claims a spokesperson says Jamie's role was just a cameo that was simply cut in the editing process.

Hollywood is cruel, my friends, but if you think anyone wouldn't want to capitalize on the Fifty Shades phenomenon, you're crazy. And we still have plenty more Jamie to look forward to outside of the franchise. His film Anthropoid hits theaters in 2016.


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