Dakota Johnson Admits She's Single & 'Fifty Shades' Is to Blame

dakota johnsonAfter revealing an awkward moment in a cab where the driver told her that the movie Fifty Shades of Grey could have had more sex, Dakota Johnson also shared that she is suddenly single again. Now this marks the second (possibly third) breakup that Dakota and musician Matthew Hitt have had. What is going on with this on-again, off-again romance?


Dakota and Matthew looked all cute and perfect together -- he in his rocker clothes, she in her vintage-inspired threads, cool hats, sunnies, and boots walking through NYC with a dog and coffees in hand. But things clearly weren't all perfect. I would imagine it's just as hard to date an actor as it is to date a musician.

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While visiting Ellen DeGeneres, Dakota spilled a few details about her breakup with Hitt. The pair rekindled their love in April after being broken up for a bit; they had dated for a few months in 2014 before spitting just before the holidays. How lame! Ellen wondered if guys were scared of her -- if they perhaps felt intimidated by an actress who gets flogged on film (in the most delightful of ways, of course). Dakota replied with a laugh:

You mean, like when they run away from me? I don't know ... I guess that if those are the two options, I guess they're scared of me. They either love me or they're running for the hills.

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Let's see what could be next? Rumors of Dakota and Johnny Depp hooking up because she was in Black Mass? Maybe the Jamie Dornan love affair lies will heat up again since Hitt is no longer in the picture? Or maybe, hopefully, Dakota will be left alone ... walking her cute dog while carrying a coffee cup in her hand. With the fall coming, her hair will perfectly match the changing leaves. Maybe she can reflect on her relationship with Hitt and what went wrong ... maybe they will try to reconcile again ... or maybe she'll be in a cab one day and have another awkward conversation and realize that being single is spectacular. Until, of course, she finds someone completely comfortable with who she is and her impressive resume -- Fifty Shades and all.


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