'Fifty Shades Darker' Cast: Who Is in the Running for Leila, Elena & Jack? (PHOTOS)

Michele Zipp | Sep 21, 2015 Movies

fifty shades of greyTrue to the plot in the trilogy that is Fifty Shades of Grey, we are kept waiting, as if we are tied up, anticipating the feel of a hand on our bare skin. We are submissives, eager and holding out for word on who will be cast in Fifty Shades Darker. We have some big roles to fill -- Elena Lincoln, Leila Williams, and Jack Hyde.

There have been so many rumblings and rumors -- and Henry Cavill is supposedly not going to be our Jack Hyde as we had expected. So who will it be? Who will dazzle us as Mrs. Robinson? Who will get Ana all riled up as Leila? And just who will be our villain, Mr. Hyde?

Here are the front-runners.


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  • Charlize Theron as Elena Lincoln


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    Charlize Theron is certainly a front-runner for the role of Elena Lincoln. If she plays Mrs. Robinson ... well then, wow -- look out for this film to be beyond incredible. Elena has to be a headstrong woman -- and she must intimidate Ana (which isn't that hard to do, actually). But she must be someone who is able to command a strong influence over Christian. Charlize would be so perfect.

  • Diane Lane as Elena Lincoln


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    The sultry Diane Lane would make a great Elena Lincoln and many fans agree. If you saw her in Unfaithful then you know the incredible sex appeal she has, and she needs that to be the dom on one Mr. Grey. Besides, she was Cherry in The Outsiders!

  • Halle Berry as Elena Lincoln


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    Dreams would come true if Halle Berry was Christian's Mrs. Robinson. She's a seductress extraordinaire! Also, she was in the film Perfect Stranger with director James Foley, who is also directing Fifty Shades Darker. Perhaps that connection makes her a front-runner.

  • Cara Delevingne as Leila Williams


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    Cara and Rita Ora (our Mia Grey) used to call each other wifey and were romantically linked. They had a falling out but have since becomes besties again, which means the chances of Delevingne being cast as Christian's ex Leila Williams are great. Maybe they made up because they had to -- because she's already in Darker and we just don't know about it yet.

  • Kendall Jenner as Leila Williams


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    She's currently one of the most in-demand models of the moment, and so it would make sense to put Kendall Jenner in a breakout role as Christian's unstable ex.

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  • Alexis Bledel as Leila WIlliams


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    There is a vulnerable quality that Alexis Bledel has that Cara and Kendall don't have and that is why she's a fan favorite to get the role of Leila Williams. Plus, she resembles Ana, which makes her even more unsettling to our lead played by Dakota Johnson.

  • Jai Courtney as Jack Hyde


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    He's certainly hunky and seems like a perfect fit to make Ana Steele feel really uncomfortable when he's the "boss" of her, but could Jai Courtney be our Jack Hyde?

  • Theo James as Jack Hyde


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    He's got that James Franco feel with a bit of Jamie Dornan -- is Theo James the man who will play Christian's rival?

  • Ian Somerhalder as Jack Hyde


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    I am so not sold on Ian Somerhalder as Jack Hyde but many of you are -- including Ian's wife Nikki Reed. He can certainly play an unlikable guy ... which is definitely what we need in our Hyde.

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