Jamie Dornan's Cottage Hits the Market & Locals Already Fear Interest of 'Fifty Shades Fanatics'

Residents in the Cotswolds in England were getting used to spotting a certain big-name celebrity and his family at their local haunts. And no one is happy to hear that Jamie Dornan is reportedly selling his cottage to the tune of £500,000 -- because they fear curious Fifty Shades of Grey fans are going to come running.


People who live in the rural, stunningly beautiful area in southeast England reportedly fear that Jamie's property, which was recently listed and is located one mile away from Prince Charles' Highgrove mansion, could attract a slew of fans who have no interest in buying, but simply want to poke around his digs so they can feel closer to Christian Grey. I'm guessing a serious buyer will likely be more impressed with the cottage's modern kitchen and charming open fireplaces and garden than by who used to own it, but I can understand why residents might feel a little nervous about it.

The bigger question here is: why is Jamie selling? He, wife Amelia Warner, and their daughter seem to have been happy living in the quaint and quiet area, but with Jamie set to reprise the role that made him uber famous when he starts shooting Fifty Shades Darker in the new year, perhaps he is considering a more permanent move to the U.S. or Vancouver, where the sequel will be shot?

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Notice how I'm not even going to go there -- you know, that awful place where we wonder whether all is okay in Jamie and Amelia's marriage. To do so would be to jump to all kinds of conclusions. In truth, Jamie is set to earn a lot of money with the Grey sequel, and rumor has it he has even been offered a $1.5 million bonus if he agrees to go full-frontal, so perhaps he and Amelia just feel like it's time to upgrade to a bigger home.

Will become an honorary Canadian? Will he buy in Los Angeles, in the hopes of securing even more Hollywood projects? I guess we'll have to wait and see.


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