'End Mommy Wars' Film Shares Stories of Moms Who've Been Judged (VIDEO)

EndMommyWars film trailerMost moms would agree they're doing the best they can for their children. But often judgments made by their peers leave them feeling inadequate and leave them second-guessinging the choices they've made for their families. Award-winning director Cynthia Wade is determined to change that with her film End Mommy Wars.


The film follows new moms who've made tough decisions -- from breast versus bottle, to working versus staying home with baby -- based on what they believe is best for their little ones. Yet, these women often feel judged for following their instincts.

Wade, a mom of two, found herself in the same boat and wants to put an end to the "mommy wars." By sharing the true, compelling, and often heart-wrenching stories of new moms on the front lines, she's hoping to "tear down the walls of judgment."

Wade's goal of having women support each other is an inspiring one. After all, who knows better what a new mom is going through than one who's been there? 

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End Mommy Wars, made in partnership with Similac, will be released in October. We look forward to watching as these new moms share their stories, but more importantly, we're eager to see those walls of judgment crumble as a result.


Images via Similac US/YouTube

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