Dakota Johnson's Preparations for 'Black Mass' Role Prove She's More Than Anastasia Steele

Dakota Johnson is the furthest thing from a gangster -- the Texas-born 25-year-old is the perfect Anastasia Steele, but who would have thought she'd be cast in the role of gangster James "Whitey" Bulger's girlfriend Lindsey Cyr in Black Mass? Johnson had to learn a Boston accent to nab the part -- and the way she did speaks volumes about her commitment to her work.


Despite having access to every great acting coach on the planet, the Fifty Shades of Grey star told People she relied on your everyday Boston native to help prepare her to take on Lindsey Cyr.

"I'd listen to people. I have a thing about listening and eavesdropping on people," Johnson reportedly told People at the Boston premiere of Black Mass. "So I’d just listen to people in restaurants. And I worked with a dialect coach a bit and just did my best to practice."

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So, basically, if Johnson is ever within a mile radius of you, she's probably listening to everything you say. That's right -- we are inspiring her to become a better actress -- in a roundabout way, of course. 

It would be wrong to assume Johnson is a one-trick pony who is only capable of taking on lightweight roles like Anastasia Steele -- and I think anyone who dismisses her as nothing but a pretty face is going to have to rethink that after seeing her in Black Mass. She obviously takes her work very seriously, to the point where she is actually eavesdropping on others in order to ensure her accent is on point.

Out of all of her roles thus far, I'm most excited about this juicy one. In real life, Cyr was a model and waitress who hooked up with Bulger and became pregnant with his son after just six months of knowing him. She was his staunch supporter, despite his committing many, many crimes. Johnson has been trusted with the mammoth task of portraying Cyr in a way that makes the audience feel for her. I can't wait to see her knock this one out of the park.


Image via R Chiang/Splash News

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