'Fifty Shades of Grey' Gets a 'Nerdy' Makeover -- We're Cracking Up

Dakota Johnson Jamie DornanSome brilliant soul in the U.K. has created a new Twitter account called "50 Nerds of Grey" -- and it's most definitely making all of our geeky fantasies come true.


Seriously, you have never read Fifty Shades of Grey quite like this before. The creator, who is choosing to remain anonymous, tackles infamous quotes from the books by adding a nerd twist to them. Each one will make you howl -- this person is really funny.

I feel like Big Bang Theory should totally make a parody using these gems. Can't you totally see Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler saying the following:

The account was only started a week ago but already has over 36,000 followers. And with good reason -- not only is it funny, but it also appeals to the following fandoms: Fifty Shades, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Doctor Who, just to name a few.

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I mean, really, what will they think of next? The 50 Nerds of Grey feed is quite simply the reason social media was invented. Please excuse us while we go back and read through the tweets one more time.


Image via fiftyshadesmovie/Instagram

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