Dakota Johnson Says 'Fifty Shades Darker' Will Have a Different Spin Than the First Movie

fifty shades of grey dakota johnsonWe know that James Foley (House of Cards and Fear) is directing Fifty Shades Darker. We know that we are going to be introduced to new characters like Elena Lincoln and Jack Hyde. But Dakota Johnson is sharing some details on the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel that are making our heads spin. "Spin" being the key word -- Dakota said she was afraid when Foley signed on, but now she's excited about the different spin Fifty Shades Darker will have. What does it all mean?


Let's see ... if we look to the books, Darker is darker. And while I had my reservations about Foley, a man, directing, he did work on the very unsettling film Fear. He's a talented person. He could help make the sequel amazing; he could take it to the next level.

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In Darker, we need Christian to be at serious odds with his rival Jack Hyde. Who will be cast as Jack is still a mystery. But I like that they are taking their time here. He needs to be the right guy. Just like Elena needs to be that perfect Mrs. Robinson. The rivalry with Hyde runs deep, since they were kids. Hyde's creepy and ... dark. We need him to make Anastasia feel extremely uncomfortable and violated. We need a palpable tension, and not just in the sexy scenes of being tied up and dominated. We also need Elena to dominate Christian, but we also need to see that power struggle. We need to see that jealousy from Ana, too.

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A good director will bring all of that out -- all the spins and twists and plot turns. That's Foley's job, and it's a big one. Darker has to be bigger, badder, and more intense than Fifty Shades of Grey. That first film, my fellow Grey fans, had to be just our introduction to the world of Christian and Ana. Things are just heating up, and I mean that in every way -- the bedroom to the boardroom. We should expect more jealousy from Christian, more confusion from Ana, more intensity all around. And I can't wait.


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