'Fifty Shades Darker': Another Possible Jack Hyde Emerges & He's Perfect (PHOTO)

Dakota Johnson Jamie DornanAre you getting excited about Fifty Shades Darker now that James Foley has been confirmed as the director of the project? Well, prepare to squeal with delight when you find out which hot actor is being considered for the role of Jack Hyde.


Many Fifty Shades of Grey fans felt dejected after learning British actor Henry Cavill was just pulling everyone's legs when he pretended to be interested in taking on the role of Christian Grey's rival in the sequel. But the latest casting rumors will lift your spirits: Theo James is reportedly being considered for Jack Hyde — and the only problem I see here is that it will be extremely difficult to believe Anastasia Steele would reject his advances.

You've probably already heard that Ian Solmerhalder, who plays Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries and has dark, mysterious, and sexy in the bag, is another actor under consideration. With eyes like these, why not?

But many fans are pushing for James, a 30-year-old British model and actor who starred in Divergent and Insurgent. They argue that he most closely resembles EL James's vision of Jack Hyde. 

Here's Theo:

Either way, you can't lose — but I will say it might be easier for an audience to accept James, whom they know less about, than Somerhalder, who already has an active fan base in the U.S.

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Even though production on the sequel is slated to begin in February, the film's producers have yet to cast other important roles, including Mrs. Robinson and Leila Williams. It won't be long now, and given some of the great names being thrown into the ring, I have a feeling fans are going to be pleasantly surprised by who takes on the roles of their favorite Fifty Shades Darker characters.


Image via fiftyshadesmovie/Instagram

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