'Fifty Shades Darker' Budget Issue Has All Eyes on Dakota and Jamie

fifty shades of greyWhile $250,000 for one movie seems like a massive paycheck to most of us, in Hollywood, it's chump change. But that is what Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan reportedly made for Fifty Shades of Grey, and what they are locked into for the sequel, Fifty Shades Darker (plus some bonuses for box office sales). Wait a minute -- are the money people being stingy? They obviously shelled it out for confirmed director James Foley. What about our Ana and Christian? Dakota and Jamie are asking for more money and they deserve it. Because they're worth it.


It's all in the song by The Weeknd from the movie. They earned it. And it's not as if they are going to make the film go broke by getting more than a mere $250K for Darker (I'm talking Hollywood money, remember. I'd get spanked by Jamie Dornan for far less). The movie made big bucks -- a reported $569 million. That's a lot of millions. And there is a legion of fans anxiously waiting for the sequel. Bursting with excitement. Money is ready to roll in.

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But they have Jamie and Dakota in handcuffs here, kind of. They are signed on for the trilogy -- we have two more to make. And with the money stuff up in the air, well, this could get tricky. The disagreement could hold up the movie (fans would not be happy -- we are already waiting long enough!) or there could be some kind of legal ramifications. Or Jamie and Dakota could be considered difficult to work with from a money stall debacle and that's not good for anyone.

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So producer Dana Brunetti should shell it out. Pay up. 

I don't think we can call Dakota or Jamie submissives when it comes to this (even though Dakota plays one in the film). They are the stars. The movie is nothing without them. They deserve more money, don't you think?


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