'Sesame Street' Perfectly Parodies That Scene From 'When Harry Met Sally' (VIDEO)

I'm totally dying over the Sesame Street parody of When Harry Met Sally. Those two aren't something you'd normally put together, but with Cookie Monster taking over for Billy Crystal, and another friendly Muppet taking on Meg Ryan's role from the 1989 rom-com classic, it somehow works perfectly.


They even added in that infamous scene from the diner when Sally faked an orgasm to prove that women can -- and do -- fake it from time to time. Don't worry if you're watching from work or with small children around ... it's safe!

"Cookie was a monster who was totally out of control, Sally was a girl who was totally in control," the voice-over says. "Could these two very different characters ever be friends?"

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I love how they perfectly captured Meg Ryan's neuroticism (and her Farrah Fawcett hair!) in a Muppet. And it was pretty brilliant switching out the infamous orgasm scene for one involving cookies. We'll have what they're having indeed.


Image via Sesame Street/YouTube

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