'Frozen Fever' Honest Trailer Explains Exactly Why You're Fed Up With Elsa & Anna (VIDEO)

If you're a parent (or possibly a human being), you're probably sick of Anna and Elsa at this point. While we loved the instant classic Frozen the first dozen or so times we saw it, even the best of us eventually grew tired of Olaf, Sven, and the rest of the gang. Although, somehow we still manage to cry every dang time Anna turns to ice. Anyway, this "Honest Trailer" for Frozen Fever perfectly captures exactly why we've had enough of the Kingdom of Arendelle.


Screen Junkies put out another one of their popular Honest Trailers, this time tackling the Disney short Frozen Fever.

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Frozen 2 may already be in production, but they obviously needed someway to keep obsessed kids from losing focus on Anna and Elsa. The voice-over guy totally nails it with this line: "Experience Frozen without the story."

Here's to all the parents out there suffering through their own versions of Frozen Fever. The kids will grow up and out of it eventually, right? Until then ... just let it go.


Image via Screen Junkies/YouTube

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