'Fifty Shades' Is Degrading to Women According to Famous Romance Novelist

Christian Grey wearing maskAs she is a romance novelist, I'm guessing EL James has read her fair share of Jackie Collins, who has written no fewer than 32 sexy stories about love and passion. But Collins isn't a fan — she recently slammed Fifty Shades of Grey and reportedly thinks James's novel is not original.


In an interview with the U.K. Independent, Collins was asked her thoughts on Fifty Shades, which has sold over 125 million copies worldwide. James may not want to read her response. Collins blasted the novel for "not doing anything new" and said the sexual scenes depicted in the book weren't sexy. "You don't want to be dragging a suitcase around with handcuffs and a paddle -- it's ridiculous," she reportedly said. She also criticized the term "mommy porn" (wish I could personally thank her for that), calling it the "most degrading phrase I've ever heard" and adding: "When your husband is at the computer, do they call it 'Daddy Porn'?"

Collins says she doesn't think Christian Grey's sexual domination over Anastasia Steele truly appeals to most women: "No woman really enjoys that unless she's really into that kind of thing, so your average 'mommy' is not going to be thrilled." I can't speak for moms across the planet, but Collins is making sense to me.

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The 77-year-old British novelist, whose sister is actress Joan Collins, has achieved incredible success in the same genre James is now interested in dominating. Her novels, which include the hits Hollywood Husbands and Hollywood Wives, received their fair share of criticism at the time they were released for being too pornographic and dirty. My guess is she couldn't have possibly imagined that, 30 years later, another novelist would hit the big time by pushing the sexual envelope even further.

I'm not sure how I feel about Collins's statements. Everyone is entitled to her opinion — and I actually agree with her. But I feel a teeny bit bad for James, who probably grew up reading Collins's novels. Imagine being torn a new one by a legend in your business. I hurt for her just thinking about it.


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