Jamie Dornan's Wife Is Reportedly Sick & Tired of Taking a Backseat to His Career

One person on the planet is getting tired of the celebrity that is Jamie Dornan: his wife Amelia Warner, who reportedly wants a divorce because she is sick of following him around as his star power continues to skyrocket.


Warner has reportedly had it with having to chase around her husband as he travels to different countries to film movies and give press interviews. Dornan has been working on Anthropoid in the Czech Republic and rumor has it he was spotted at a bar flirting with quite a few women, who were only too happy to buy Christian Grey drinks. A source claims he kissed one of the women on the cheek and told her in Czech that she has beautiful eyes.

If this is true, I feel for Warner, who had to first endure endless talk about how her husband and the father of their child has explosive chemistry with Fifty Shades of Grey costar Dakota Johnson, and now this. Dornan's flirting, in addition to his jet-set lifestyle, have apparently contributed to Warner's decision to call it quits.

I can't say I don't understand where she's coming from — when the two got married in 2013, both were working actors (which means they were successful enough), but now Dornan probably can't go anywhere on the planet without being recognized. Even worse: He's recognized as that guy who has kinky sex with Anastasia Steele on screen. It has to be difficult for Warner to sit back and play second fiddle to her husband.

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I should mention: this is not the first time divorce rumors have plagued the couple — it's, like, the 100,000th time. Dornan has done everything possible, including telling the press that he's more in love with his wife now than ever before, to get everyone off of his back. He claims he runs everything by Warner, including the Fifty Shades scripts, and that she is 100 percent supportive of his choices.

Considering how this is the summer of the celeb breakup, it wouldn't be shocking to learn that Warner and Dornan want to separate — but there isn't a solid reason yet for us to believe this bit of news is anything more than a rumor.


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