20 Stars Who Turned Down Roles in 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Michele Zipp | Sep 8, 2015 Movies

ryan goslingNow that we are enamoured with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson as the stars of Fifty Shades of Grey, it's hard to imagine anyone else in the roles of Christian and Ana. Okay ... hard in a good way, because if there is anything that Fifty Shades taught us, it's that fantasies are good -- really, really good. It is, however, difficult to believe some of these stars walked away from a role in the naughty trilogy.

Yes, even Ryan Gosling. Imagine the memes that would have come of that casting?! "Hey girl ... step into my red room for some, ahem, playtime." Because we love to indulge in fantasies, and in the interest in daydreaming, here are 20 celebrities who were considered for or wanted a role in Fifty Shades. While things didn't exactly work out for them, it's still fun to dream. And we'd be lying if we said there weren't a few names on this list who we would've dreamed fifty shades of erotic thoughts about, had they been cast in the flick. Oh well -- Thankfully Jamie and Dakota do an incredible job of making those dreams reality. (For the most part.)


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  • Charlie Hunnam


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    Charlie Hunnam will always be the one that got away when it comes to Fifty Shades. He was cast as Christian. The chemistry he had with Dakota Johnson was said to be incredible (and how could it not be?!), but after securing the role and being on set for a hot minute, Charlie had to bow out because he simply took too much on, leaving us brokenhearted. Jamie Dornan eventually came along and we're fine now, but we still have some fantasies about Charlie.

  • Elizabeth Olsen


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    While Elizabeth Olsen has admitted that she loves porn and thinks more women should watch it, she said no to the role of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey. She praised the books and the bondage, but perhaps it's just because a sub she is not!

  • Ryan Gosling


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    The world might have imploded if Ryan Gosling had the role of Christian Grey. Or maybe exploded would be a better word. My goodness. Sure, Jamie Dornan is hot, but we were discovering him for the first time as Christian. Gosling ... well, after The Notebook, we were hooked. But there was no way he was going to take the role -- Ryan has a strict no-sequels rule, and the actors had to sign up for three flicks in this case.

  • Shailene Woodley


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    The adorable Shailene Woodley was apparently too busy for the role of Ana in Fifty Shades -- she was filming Divergent. She almost seems too sweet and nice to play Ms. Steele ... but then again, that could have worked out just fine.

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  • Garrett Hedlund


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    The fact that Fifty Shades was a trilogy is what made Garrett Hedlund say no to the role of Christian Grey.

  • Felicity Jones


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    The stunning Felicity Jones would have made a great Ana Steele. But the rumor was that they passed on The Theory of Everything star because she was too old -- at the time, she was 30.

  • Alexander Skarsgård


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    Alexander Skarsgård once said he was "born to play" Christian Grey; and I couldn't agree more. His role as Eric in True Blood certainly had all the nudity and hot sex elements portrayed on-screen, but he was not cast. Many fans may have met their true death if Skarsgård was Christian -- it could have been too hot to handle.

  • Emilia Clarke


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    Known for her role as Daenerys on Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke certainly looks different with brown hair. She would have made an excellent Ana, but she turned down the role due to concerns of being naked too much. I know what you're thinking -- doesn't she show a lot of skin on GoT? She sure does, but maybe she feels more hidden behind the white blonde hair?

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  • Alex Pettyfer


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    The very sexy Alex Pettyfer of Magic Mike fame was a part of a filmed screen test for Fifty Shades of Grey, but that was the extent of his time as Christian.

  • Lucy Hale


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    Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale apparently tried out for the role of Ana, but it made her uncomfortable. And while that uncomfortable look could work well in the role of Ms. Steele, there are certainly other parts that really require comfort with nudity and getting spanked.

  • Chace Crawford


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    Chace Crawford really loved the idea of playing Christian Grey -- he loved the challenge (oh I bet he did), but that love didn't come to fruition.

  • Chloe Bridges


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    The lovely Chloe Bridges, 23-year-old Disney Channel actor, felt the script was just too much for her. She said, "The scene was, like, the girl telling her friends about some sexcapade she had. But it goes into extreme detail and uses the word 'sperm' a couple times. I was like, 'I don't know, guys, I have to go home to my grandparents' house in a few months at Christmas, I don't know if I can do this."

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  • Ian Somerhalder


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    Sometimes you walk away from something and you really don't want to. Such is the case for Ian Somerhalder, whose desire to be Christian was great. Obviously things didn't work out.

  • Alicia Vikander


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    Swedish actor Alicia Vikander would have made an excellent Anastasia (though I adore Dakota in the role). But the early front-runner for the part just wasn't meant to be.

  • Matt Bomer


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    Jamie Dornan said that Matt Bomer fans yell at him for getting the role of Christian Grey. Yes, there was that much of a demand for the White Collar star to get the role.

  • Imogen Poots


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    Imogen Poots was a contender for the role of Ana and it could have taken her stardom to a whole other level as it has for Dakota. Interestingly, the two ladies are friends.

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  • Robert Pattinson


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    The brooding Robert Pattinson would have made an excellent Christian, but like many of these stars, it would have been a whole different movie. Pattinson was the leading man EL James thought of when writing the book (which was inspired by Twilight). James wanted Pattinson in the role of Christian, but RPattz passed.

  • Emma Watson


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    The buzz was really strong at one point with the news that Emma Watson was going to play Anastasia Steele, but it just wasn't something Emma wanted to add to her resume.

  • Henry Cavill


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    Before he was considered for the role of Jack Hyde (Christian's rival and Ana's boss in Fifty Shades Darker), Henry Cavill was thought to be our very own Christian Grey. Maybe third time's a charm?

  • Alexis Bledel


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    Alexis Bledel certainly has that Ana look -- the bangs, the cuteness, the eyes -- but being cast as Christian's sub wasn't in the cards even though she was a fan favorite (along with Matt Bomer). Now the rumors are swirling that she will be cast as Leila Williams in Fifty Shades Darker.

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