Jamie Dornan Divorce Rumors Continue to Persist With No Signs of Letting Up

Tabloids seem obsessed with painting Jamie Dornan's marriage to Amelia Warner as troubled, and the rumors that they're about to split continue to roll on as reports surface that the Fifty Shades star is flirting up a storm on location in Prague.


Celeb Dirty Laundry alleges that Jamie has been taking advantage of the Czech city's nightlight, buying drinks for women who are most definitely not his wife and acting seriously playful toward them, too. Apparently his philandering behavior has gotten so out of hand that Amelia jetted off to Prague quickly to put the kibosh on his antics.

Not buying it.

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Let's give it a rest already, people. Just because Amelia showed up in Prague does not mean their marriage is in trouble. It could just mean that she wanted to, ya know, spend some time with her husband. If your significant other was working in another city for an extended period of time, wouldn't you try to make a visit? Personally, I think it would appear more problematic if she had no interest in visiting Jamie on set at all.

So while everyone seems to want to stir up drama, I think these two crazy kids will make it. We just need to leave them alone.

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