Dakota Johnson's Love Life Keeps Getting More Mysterious by the Day

This is going to break a lot of hearts, but Dakota Johnson is reportedly not dating Jake Gyllenhaal. Why? Because Dakota's still involved with Matthew Hitt — and guess what, guys? It's being reported they never actually broke up.


While we all thought the Fifty Shades of Grey actress had called it quits with her musician boyfriend because her crazy schedule didn't allow her to see him as much, it turns out she was only reportedly downplaying their relationship for an interesting reason: to make it seem like, maybe, there was something more going on with Jamie Dornan than anyone thought.

Say what?!

I'm not buying this rumor, but it's being said that Dakota (or Dakota's people) wanted Fifty Shades fans to be better able to imagine a romance between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele and that one way to do that was to keep the romance between Dakota and Matthew on the down low.

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As for her reported relationship with the Southpaw actor, whom Dakota once dated, sources confirmed they are not dating (even though they make a really cute couple).

I find it impossible to believe Dakota would agree to encourage rumors that she and Jamie are anything more than friends — particularly given the fact that he is happily married to Amelia Warner and vocal about his happiness. My guess: Dakota and Matthew are cool about not being attached at the hip and that, even if they've been dating this entire time, both understand the need for them to have separate lives and careers.


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