The Real Life 'Up' Story Is Being Turned Into One Heck of a Feature Film

Up HouseI don't know about you guys, but any time I need a good ol' ugly cry, I just watch the first 10 minutes of the Disney/Pixar film Up. I live for the love story of Carl and Ellie -- and how Carl refuses to leave the house they built their life in after Ellie passes. So I'm pretty excited that a movie about the real-life Up (more on that in a sec) is officially in the works.


The real-life Up was detailed in the news and in the 2013 memoir called Under One Roof by Barry Martin. This story revolves around a 100-year-old farmhouse in Seattle lived in and owned by an elderly woman named Edith Macefield. In 2006, a big commercial development came in to buy all the homes in the area so they could build, what else, a mall. Edith refused a $1 million buyout and was revered for sticking to her guns. And, as a nice twist, she even became close friends with Barry Martin -- the superintendent of the construction site -- and she even left him the house in her will. Sadly she died in 2008. 

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Are you crying yet? Edith and Barry should have been bitter enemies -- he was trying to kick an old lady out of her home -- but instead they became best friends. And while Edith's story was making headlines, fans even tied balloons to her house to pay homage to Up and the similarities in the stories. Disney/Pixar holds firm that Up was not based on Edith's story. Even though the movie came out in 2009, it was in development starting in 2004.

The movie is going to be directed by Will Gluck (of Easy A and Annie fame) and will be a comedic drama focusing on the friendship between Edith and Barry. I absolutely love this story and can't wait to see how it will play out on the big screen -- and who they will cast as Edith! I picture Kathy Bates or even Dame Judi Dench in my head.

And there may be a new ending for the movie -- as the house is still making headlines. It's now owned by a nonprofit trying to fight off demolition (again) by raising money to pick up and move the house to Orcas Island! There is no way anyone with half a heart could ever destroy that house, right? Right!


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