'Fifty Shades Darker': Why Having a Male Director Will Ruin the Movie

fifty shades of greyAs of right now, exactly who will direct Fifty Shades Darker is as mysterious as Christian's Mrs. Robinson. Sam Taylor-Johnson isn't returning, and there is talk that a man might direct. Let's be real here -- this is a movie written by a woman and mostly viewed by women (and the men who love them) so I can't help but feel we need a woman in the director's seat.


Besides, aren't there more female directors out there? What is wrong with you, Hollywood? Oh wait. They are probably over 40. And you know how Tinseltown feels about women over 40. Universal did try to say there was a lack of female directors out there. I find that hard to believe. They are out there, they just maybe haven't worked on big-budget films yet for lack of people hiring them.

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There are three people who are in the running to direct the sequel. James Foley (who has worked on Fear and House of Cards), Mark Pellington (The Mothman Prophecies and Cold Case), and Tanya Wexler (Hysteria). Foley is supposedly the man who got the gig. And while Fear, which starred Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon, was a film about obsession, it was notably a bit different than Fifty Shades. Not that we need exact replicas on a resume.

Still, I can't help but wonder what EL James is thinking. Her husband Niall Leonard is the screenwriter this time around -- replacing Kelly Marcel with whom she had conflict. While he is a man, James is his wife (and I might guess that EL is the dom when it comes to work matters). I thought James was really steering the ship here.

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I worked for a magazine called Playgirl. The core staff was all female and it was most definitely a mag for the ladies and gay men. It was the only magazine of its kind for women -- I was proud to uphold that tradition; it was born out of the women's movement in the '70s to explore female sexuality. One of the biggest obstacles I faced was getting the higher-ups who were straight men to approve covers and Centerfolds. I'm not speaking about all straight men, but the straight older men who were in power at the publishing house that produced Playgirl had a decidedly different perspective of what was sexy than the women on staff as well as gay men. There were plenty of clashes.

And that's why I fear a testosterone-fueled director on Fifty Shades Darker. I hope if it's Foley, he proves me wrong.


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