10 Celebs Who Hate 'Fifty Shades of Grey' & Aren't Even Shy About It

Kelly Bryant | Aug 24, 2015 Movies

Fifty ShadesWe know, we know, it's hard to believe that anyone could say something disparaging about the delicious guilty pleasure that is Fifty Shades of Grey, but there definitely are a few haters out there. In fact, certain celebrities have had less than kind words to say about the franchise, proving they just don't "get" Anastasia and Christian's love the way we do. Check out these peeps in La-La-Land who can't help but say "Laters, baby" to Fifty Shades.

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It's one thing if an actor doesn't like a project because the part doesn't feel authentic to him or her, but it's another to totally trash it on Twitter! These celebrities didn't seem to worry about holding their tongue when they let the world that they were not into 50 Shades -- and we sort of dislike them for it. The only silver lining is that we did get to have Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson -- who, let's face it, are the perfect Christian and Ana. From the celebrities who turned the roles down, to the stars who were just being plain rude, let's collectively roll our eyes at these celebs who trashed 50 Shades and give them a big '90s WHATEVERRR. Take a look at our list of celebrities who gave our favorite franchise a big fat no. 

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