'Fifty Shades Darker' Just Won't Be the Same If Raciest Scenes Are Omitted

There are still several months left until shooting for the film begins, but critics are already calling for scenes from Fifty Shades Darker to be eliminated from the screenplay so that the movie appeals to women and a younger audience.


The second novel in EL James's bestselling trilogy is considered by many fans to be the raciest, sexiest story of all, but that doesn't necessarily mean fans think Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey should be allowed to recreate certain scenes on the big screen. Fashion & Style has listed specific scenes from the book that they feel should be excluded from the film because they may be too explicit and turn off viewers.

Any scene in which Christian is shown spanking Ana is considered "offensive" to women and some say these are better left for the viewer to imagine. I'm going to have to disagree with this one -- lots of women who aren't into the BDSM lifestyle find spanking sexy and stimulating. And, even if they don't: Who cares. You're watching Ana and Christian's story and you're expected to enter their world for two hours. Their world consists of lots of spanking. In this case, I'd stay true to the novel.

Any scene that involves Christian using sex objects on Anastasia is a bad idea, according to Fashion & Style. Unless James wants the film to be slapped with a rating of NC-17 (or worse), I agree with that one. Their story can still be told in a truthful way without unusual sex props.

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Another controversial scene is the one in which Christian admits he is attracted to women who resemble his mom. Granted, that's creepy, but it's also an important revelation that gives us more insight into the character's motivations, so I say: Keep it.

You'll be happy to know that the same fans who want these scenes omitted feel Christian's back story and the characters Jack Hyde, Leila Williams, and Mrs. Robinson are valuable and need to stay put. Their demand is clear: They want less sex and kink and more story and dialogue. Do you agree? 


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