Actor Defends Movie Inspired by 'Fifty Shades of Grey' & Swears It's Not a Knockoff

While you wait, frustrated and fed up, for more information to roll in about Fifty Shades Darker, a new Marlon Wayans film called Fifty Shades of Black may be just the thing you need to take your mind off of Christian Grey. Whatever you do: don't call it a spoof.


Wayans, who is known for successful "spoofs" like Scary Movie, White Chicks, and A Haunted House, was inspired by EL James' novels and the first film in the Grey trilogy, but, like many people, finds them more humorous than serious. So, he had the genius idea of creating a very different version of the film called Fifty Shades of Black, which relies on details from the original movie, but puts its own spin on it. Here's how Wayans describes the project to Entertainment Weekly:

Like Fifty Shades of Grey if Christian Grey was black and he was rich, but we don’t know exactly how he got his money, he’s a little shady, and he’s a really bad lover.

If that sounds like the very definition of a "spoof," Wayans explains that his intention really isn't to make fun of Fifty Shades:

I don’t look at these movies like spoofs, as much as comedic remixes. I just approach it as its own original movie, with its own plot and its own characters, and just take them through a similar journey. I just find the jokes where the dramas didn’t. It’s kind of like what Kanye [West] does to old soul music; I just remix it for this generation, for people that want to see comedies.

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Call it whatever you want, Marlon, just do your best to cast Idris Elba as your version of Christian Grey.

Fifty Shades of Black is set to hit theaters on January 29, probably around the same time Fifty Shades Darker will still be aggravating us by refusing to give up the goods about who will be directing the film or playing Mrs. Robinson and Jack Hyde.


Image via shadesdarker50/Instagram

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