Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan Love Affair Rumors Are Getting Out of Control

dakota johnson jamie dornanJamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson kiss a lot, and they certainly love tons of lip biting, but it's all in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. They also have quite a few sexy scenes together ... things you just wouldn't do with anyone unless you were an actor, of course. And so, the rumors continue that Jamie and Dakota are having an affair, that their love (and lust) cannot be contained to just Ana and Christian on screen. But is there any truth to it?


I think not. No matter what the fans want to believe, Jamie and Dakota keep their passion for when the director says "Action!" And they certainly deliver on that action. I think. I'm fairly certain. I really doubt there is a Mr. & Mrs. Smith situation here. Right?!

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Jamie has Dulcie -- his sweet baby girl. And a beautiful wife, Amelia Warner, whom he cannot say enough loving things about. Jamie seems like a loyal, true-blue kind of man. Which naturally makes him even hotter and more desirable. But we can desire all we want. Jamie and his wife seem solid. And his Ana Steele isn't interested.

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Dakota is also quite smitten with boyfriend Matthew Hitt. The duo has had some ups and downs -- they broke up but are now back together and have been spotted walking her dog and sipping coffee about town like good New Yorkers in love do.

The whole actor profession, however, continues to mystify me. I'm not sure how you turn off the emotions when you make a movie like Fifty Shades of Grey or anything with making out and rubbing body parts. But that's why they are professionals. Keeping it all separate. Somehow.


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