'Fifty Shades' Author EL James Gets Locked in a Bathroom & Hopes Twitter Can Set Her Free

e.l. jamesWhat would Christian Grey do if he were locked in a bathroom? Any number of things, no doubt, but probably none of them would be what his creator, Fifty Shades author EL James, chose to do when she recently got "locked in a loo" -- which was to tweet about it!


Apparently the 52-year-old bestselling author got trapped in a restroom this week while she was ... somewhere. We're not sure where, exactly, as she didn't elaborate on her location -- other than to say that it was, in fact, a bathroom. So clarifies her very to-the-point tweet:

Oh no! What could she do?? Pull a MacGyver and turn all the BDSM paraphernalia in her purse into some sort of door-busting apparatus? (Which is not to say that EL James definitely has BDSM paraphernalia in her purse. I'm just guessing.) Naturally James's Twitter followers had plenty of suggestions -- involving everything from Morse code to hairpins -- but sadly, we may never know exactly how James managed to get out of that loo. Because while her next tweet let fans know that she did, in fact, get out, she never revealed the details of her escape:

At least now we know that James likes #Lemoncello and #Cointreau (good on you, EL James!).

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And in her next tweet (a response to a fan who wanted to know if she'd been locked in the restroom for an hour), we learned that James also likes bossa nova music:

Overall, harrowing bathroom captivity aside, it seems like it's pretty good to be EL James. (Booze! Bossa Nova!) And who knows, maybe her next book will include a steamy locked-in-the-loo scene! (We called it!)


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