Dakota Johnson's Dad Admits He Refuses to Watch 'Fifty Shades' but You'll Never Guess Why

She has the role of Anastasia Steele to thank for catapulting her to sudden fame and inspiring directors and producers to offer her myriad career opportunities, but Dakota Johnson's dad, Don Johnson, still refuses to watch Fifty Shades of Grey — and he makes no apologies for it.


Neither Johnson nor her parents, Don and Melanie Griffith, have denied the fact that no one who knew the 25-year-old when she was still in diapers has any desire to watch her engage in a sadomasochistic relationship with Jamie Dornan's Christian Grey.

Fifty Shades's sex scenes aren't as graphic as you'd imagine they'd be while reading the book because, if they were, well, you'd be watching porn instead of an R-rated film. But, while appearing on a press tour to promote the ABC show Drama and Oil, Don made it perfectly clear that he still hasn't seen his daughter's biggest role to date.

She asked me not to see the movie, and frankly that's not a movie that I would rush to see. I respected her wishes. So I haven't seen it.

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Notice how he says he isn't planning on watching Fifty Shades (or the sequels, I guess) because Dakota is uncomfortable with it, not because he wouldn't watch them. I find it interesting that Dakota, knowing both of her parents are in the business and understand how technical and unsexy love scenes actually are, still refuses to allow her parents to experience her take on Anastasia. After all, the film is supposed to be about a nuanced relationship — it's not straight-up sex and nudity all of the time.

Don't feel too bad for Dakota and her parents — with no fewer than five new projects in the works for Dakota (not counting Fifty Shades Darker or Fifty Shades Freed), Don and Melanie will have plenty of opportunities to see their little girl take on roles, like Penelope in A Bigger Splash and Alice in How to Be Single — neither of which (I think) requires her to sign a nondisclosure agreement or sex contract.


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