New Characters in 'Fifty Shades Darker' Will Make or Break the Film for Sure

fifty shades darkerThere was so much mystery and intrigue (and wrong guesses) when Fifty Shades of Grey was being cast. When we finally had our Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, there was some confusion. Who are they? How will they do in these roles? But once the movie was out, we were in love. But now with the sequel, I think we need more star power when it comes to the new characters introduced in Fifty Shades Darker.


Maybe the screenplay will handle the characters a little differently than the book -- and I hope so. Elena Lincoln needs to really come alive in the movie version. The plot isn't just going to live in our head as it does with a book -- the visual isn't supplied by our own imagination. The movie version needs to deliver in a strong way. We need a star for this role, which is why I thought Charlize Theron (though I still feel she's a little too young for it) would be great as Mrs. Robinson. She may be playing coy, but it seems that we won't have our Elena in Charlize. But we need someone like her.

Then, of course, there is Leila Williams, another love of Christian's. Cara Delevingne is rumored to be a front-runner for that role, but nothing has been confirmed. Mila Kunis would also be great, or Evan Rachel Wood, who would bring a certain darkness that Darker needs.

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Jack Hyde may have Jai Courtney playing him (still just a rumor). But I'm not sold on him as Christian's evil rival, either. I'd love to see James Franco in this role because he's so bizarre and would make an excellent psychopath. And bring that intrigue the sequel needs.

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We need that intrigue. Fifty Shades of Grey had it because we didn't know Dakota and Jamie before this film. Everything was new. The film made them stars. But now we need to bring in the big guns. If an established star is cast in these new roles -- à la James Franco, Cara Delevingne -- we will have more intrigue. Fans of the books know the characters -- we need them to really come alive. With a big talent, that will bring more interest in them as these characters and what they can bring to the film. Plus, we need it to keep these films going. We want them all to come alive on the big screen.

Looking forward to seeing what transpires. Hoping that Charlize reconsiders.

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