Jamie Dornan Is a Bleeding, Hot Mess In New Photo but We're Still Swooning

Whether he's in love or fighting in a war, our favorite Fifty Shades of Grey star always looks amazing. Jamie Dornan was caught with blood on his face while filming Anthropoid in Prague and there's no denying it: The man is hotness.


Dornan, 33, plays Jan Kubis, a soldier from Czechoslovakia who is one of a team of paratroopers trained by Britain and ordered to assassinate brutal SS leader Reinhard Heydrich during World War II. The film is based on a true story and, not to give too much away about what ends up happening to Kubis, but you can expect battle, blood, and incredible displays of courage and heroism.

Dornan was recently photographed on the Anthropoid set wearing a suave pin-striped suit while riding a bicycle. He's carrying a small gun in his right hand, and the left side of his face is a bloody mess.

The Irish star, who has signed on to reprise the role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Darker, was busy shooting a street scene in which he and a man in uniform standing beside a car draped in Nazi flags were exchanging gunshots on the street. Needless to say, fans are going to see a very different side of the star — one who shares absolutely nothing in common with Grey.

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It's exciting to think that we still haven't tapped into all of the many versatile roles Dornan is capable of taking on in his career. Fifty Shades of Grey catapulted him to fame, but it looks like he isn't about to let anyone typecast him as a romantic lead.


Image via Splash News

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