Dakota Johnson's New Character Could Be Her 'Dirtiest' Yet (PHOTOS)

theo and chloeFifty Shades of Grey fans are going to have to get used to seeing their darling Ana in a whole new light: Dakota Johnson's new movie Chloe and Theo casts the actress in a very, very different role from what you're used to seeing her in -- like, very different!


Forget the mousy secretary bit -- in her new flick, which costars Mira Sorvino, Larry King (?!), and Theo Ikummaq, Johnson apparently got the chance to stretch out a bit, taking on a much more eccentric/quirky character. According to The Wrap:

Chloe and Theo tells the story of Theo (Ikummaq), an Inuit man from the Arctic who travels to New York City to warn world leaders about the catastrophic impact of global warming on the planet. Upon arrival, he meets a homeless girl named Chloe (Johnson), who has an unusual vigor for life. She is mildly delusional, and completely obsessed with Bruce Lee. Together, they will save the world.

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I must say, it sounds like a pretty interesting movie. And Dakota's character sounds a lot more interesting than Ana (no offense, Fifty Shades devotees). I mean, just check out this shot of Johnson from the set!

dakota johnson

Yeah, something tells me Christian Grey would NOT be a fan of that look. And that any handcuffs used in this movie would definitely not be of the kinky variety. That said, she does look pretty "dirty" in these shots. (Haha, get it??)

This face, though?

dakota johnson

That's some Christian Grey–worthy spunk right there. Or, who knows? Maybe this character would be more than Mr. Grey could even handle. (Probably he wouldn't be able to get past the grime, though. He is sort of a persnickety type.)

Looking good, Dakota! Textured hair FTW!


Images via Doug Meszler/Splash News

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