Longer Sex Scenes in 'Fifty Shades Darker' Will Make the Movie Unbearable

A major fan of the flick is so adamant that Fifty Shades Darker needs longer sex scenes, he/she even wrote a blog post about it. (Hey, some folks just can't get enough.) But OMG -- is more steamy stuff even possible?


Someone over at Moviepilot is all kinds of bothered (and not in the hot way) that the first Fifty Shades flick didn't contain longer, yes longer, sex scenes. After all, getting naked is basically the only way Christian can function, the writer argues.

But what would extended romps mean for the films? It would basically make Fifty Shades Darker the Titanic of sex scenes. Instead of all that nonsense about icebergs, it would be nonstop sex, sex, sex for three and a half hours.

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And while that's not necessarily a bad thing depending on what you're into, it's hard to argue the first movie wasn't smokin' hot. I mean, it was sex scene after sex scene, so how can you include more without simply making it a full-on porn? We need at least a little dialogue, right?

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I personally like seeing Christian in those killer suits for at least some of the movie. And while Dakota Johnson obviously has no qualms about showing off her body, it would be nice if she could have a bit more of a wardrobe the next time around.

But maybe that's just me.


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