Whoa! See What Anastasia Steele & Christian Grey's Baby Looks Like All Grown Up (PHOTO)

ana and christian grey fifty shadesAfter marveling at the final product of the merging of all the faces of women who were The Bachelorette thanks to the Multi Face Blender (looks likes Ashley Hebert!), I knew I had to put in Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey so I can see what their baby girl would look like. I just can't wait for that movie, which is probably about 10 years away. Ana and Christian make a baby girl and this is what she looks like.


Meet Phoebe, child of Ana and Christian. According to this app, of course.

phoebe grey

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In many ways, she's Ana's twin.

But now I'm thinking ... maybe the actors that play Ana and Christian -- Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan -- really do look exactly alike just in female/male form. Could this really be their spawn?

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Looking at each of them more closely, I see it. They are this perfectly matched model couple. The good cheekbones, the lips, the eyebrows just so, the ratio of their forehead to chin, the ways their eyes are placed. It's all so similar and yet just different enough. Which is why baby Phoebe (clearly all grown up in this photo) is the spitting image of Ana with slightly skewed features in the name of Christian.

I wonder if she has her personality or if she's more like her father. I sure wouldn't want a controlling dad like Christian Grey. Ana, though, cool mom.


Image via fiftyshadesmovie/Instagram

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