Channing Tatum Didn't Get the Role of Christian Grey, But He Could Be Jack Hyde

channing tatumThe news rippled through Hollywood that Channing Tatum is no longer going to be in the X-Men spin-off Gambit. Why oh why he would leave the film is a little confusing. He was supposed to be one of the producers. But maybe Tatum needed to free up time because he's our Jack Hyde in Fifty Shades Darker.


I can dream. Tatum would make a most excellent Jack. (Better than Jai Courtney as Hyde if you ask me. Nothing against that gorgeous man.) I really thought the role was going to Henry Cavill -- seemed like a perfect casting. But Cavill confirmed he isn't Christian Grey's nemesis. Hyde has to be sort of like Christian, but a bit more rogue, bad boy, pierced ears and all. Which is why Channing is perfect. He is brooding and intense and powerful and can make Ana uneasy just from his stare. Plus, he was Magic Mike. Fifty Shades is the next step!

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Why yes, Channing, you must have quit Gambit to play Jack Hyde! Please let this be reality!

Of course, Channing has that over-the-top sexy thing going for him and we all know that Fifty Shades has to be filled with top-shelf eye candy. And while Channing did say a while ago that he wouldn't take the role of Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey, it wasn't because of the film itself -- it was because of what would be asked of him for the role of Grey. Being the ever-loving and loyal husband that he is, he saves his bondage for his wife Jenna Dewan. At least that's what I can guess. He said he would only star as Christian if his wife played Ana. With that role taken, why wouldn't he play Jack?! (Side note: Based on that, it's shocking he was in Magic Mike. Holy hot scenes!)

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Channing as Jack Hyde makes sense. Fingers crossed.


Image via Joe Martinez/PictureLux/Splash News

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