Colin Farrell Reads Erotic Novel on Air & We Can See Him As Jack Hyde Already (VIDEO)

The search is over -- we've finally found our Jack Hyde. Actor Colin Farrell read an excerpt from a Fifty Shades of Grey–like erotic novel when he appeared as a guest on the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show and all we can say is: Cast him in the movie now because he's perfect.


The role of Jack Hyde, a publishing executive from Fifty Shades Darker who hires Anastasia Steele to work for him before seducing her and inspiring Christian Grey to crush his soul, has been up in the air ever since we learned the devastating news that British actor Henry Cavill was just joking when he led us to believe he snagged the part (which wasn't at all funny).

I think we can agree that the role of Jack has to go to an actor who can hold his own against Jamie Dornan and is super cute, but also able to play sly, cocky, and intense.

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Enter Farrell, a 39-year-old Irish actor whose screen credits include True Detective, The Lobster, and Crazy Heart. He can be both sexy and a pure psychopath -- and, as we learned when the radio host jokingly asked him to read an excerpt from an erotic novel he wrote entitled 50 Shades of Grump, could definitely pull off a convincing Jack Hyde.

With just a few months left until shooting is slated to begin in the new year, the film's producers need to stop wasting time and throw Farrell's name in the hat. Who wouldn't love to see him in fierce competition with Grey?


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