Dakota Johnson's Instagram Account Totally Fooled Us All

dakota johnsonBack in June, there was an extreme excitement when Dakota Johnson joined Instagram. She had reportedly been staying away from social networks on purpose (she quit Facebook when she realized she was being a psycho stalker -- her words). Dakota's Instagram was going to let us into her life! We would know so much more about her! But something was completely amiss.


It wasn't really Dakota.

Dun dun dunnnnnn.

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Whoever is behind iamdakotajohnson is good. Really good. The ultimate fan who finds the photos no one else sees -- even family moments! We all thought it was really Dakota because how could it not be? But then makeup artist to the stars Pati Dubroff posted two photos of our Ana Steele welcoming her to Instagram with a link to a new page, simply called dakotajohnson, created three days ago. On the page it says "Dakota Johnson -- it really is" -- and it's verified.

So now we have a new Instagram to follow. The real real Dakota Johnson, who so far has only posted one very sweaty workout photo that we marveled over yesterday.


A photo posted by Dakota Johnson (@dakotajohnson) on

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Any chance I get to enjoy photos of this style maven, hair inspiration, all around girl-next-door type I will take, happily. I'm just going to hope that we get more than just one post on her Instagram. I want more, more, more. But I guess I have to be a good little submissive in this case and eagerly await her next photo.

Image via patidubroff/Instagram

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