'Fifty Shades Darker' May Have a New Front Runner for Jack Hyde's Role

jai courtneyAfter crying all night over the fact that Henry Cavill isn't going to be playing Jack Hyde in Fifty Shades Darker, I awake to learn that another man has stepped into the very large shoes of the guy who is trying to undermine the relationship between Ana and Christian. It's this Australian hunk Jai Courtney.


So instead of "Superman" we have "Captain Boomerang." Cavill plays Superman opposite Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Courtney is Captain Boomerang in Suicide Squad. Jai is also in Terminator Genisys and Insurgent.

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He's noticeably a bit more hunky than Jamie Dornan and Cavill, but it could be because he had to bulk up for his superhero and Terminator roles. I could see him playing opposite Charlie Hunnam, but Dornan? Hmmm. Still, he's quite handsome (he has to be!), and is it rude to say that I can see him playing a big jerk? In the movies, of course. Jack Hyde is a big jerk, essentially. He has harbored all this jealousy toward Christian since they were kids and he's crossing the line with his old pal's girlfriend. He's the most inappropriate boss ever and I really have no idea why Ana would work for him in the first place. But she does tend to make some bad decisions here and there.

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I'm curious to see if this rumor is true and, if so, how Jai will transform into the role.

Image via Joe Martinez/PictureLux/Splash

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