Dakota Johnson Posts Sweaty Post-Workout Pic & Still Looks Flawless (PHOTO)

dakota johnsonIf I told you that Dakota Johnson was caught cuddling with Matthew Hitt it would be no big deal because that's her boyfriend. Even if I said she was rubbing faces with Jamie Dornan we wouldn't be fazed much because they star in Fifty Shades of Grey together and come on! 


They rub much more than faces in that film. But knowing that Dakota -- and a very sweaty Dakota at that -- is cuddling with this ... this ... thing will make your eyebrows raise.

A punching bag?


A photo posted by Dakota Johnson (@dakotajohnson) on

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She looks hot. And not in the Fifty Shades kind of hot. She looks tired and not in the "I've been tied up too long" tired. And yet she still looks gorgeous. Is that a shimmer on her eyes or just the sweat glimmering beautifully off her lips? Is that a coral lip tint or just the flush she gets when she has a really good workout?

We may never know the truth here. But I do know that if my face was pressed up against a punching ball that I was just hitting for who knows how long, I'd get 27 pimples right in that spot.

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How does Dakota manage to still look so effortlessly gorgeous? She's the total package. Long hair. Short hair. Bangs. No bangs. Sweat. No sweat. Fifty Shades or fifty punches on a punching bag. All fabulous.


Image via Janet Mayer/Splash News

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