Jamie Dornan Sets the Record Straight on Dakota Johnson Infidelity Rumors

Sometimes celebrities are so good at their jobs that they fool everyone into thinking they are that character. When Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan hit it off with Dakota Johnson, both on and off-screen, many wondered whether a real-life romance was possible. Dornan put an end to those Dakota romance rumors once and for all.


In an interview with Belfast Telegraph, the 32-year-old star was asked about wife Amelia Warner, whom he married in 2012 and with whom he has a 19-month-old daughter, and all he could do was rave about how much he loves her and has been smitten with her from the start.

Despite their strong relationship, rumors naturally began popping up after the film was released because some people simply can't understand how Warner can sit by and allow her husband to film those racy, sexy scenes with an attractive costar. Now that both Dornan and Dakota have confirmed they are on board to start shooting Fifty Shades Darker next year, which means they'll spend even more time half-naked while kissing and groping each other, some are questioning whether they are more than friends and how Warner really feels about it.

Allow him to silence anyone who isn't buying the idea that he and Johnson are nothing more than coworkers: Dornan has denied all allegations that he cheated with Johnson and said the idea that he would one day date Johnson is impossible — because he's totally in love with his wife.

The actor also slammed rumors that Warner wasn't supportive of his role in Fifty Shades by simply saying, she IS 100 percent supportive. And, by the way, Johnson isn't exactly sitting around waiting for Dornan to leave his wife for her -- she is dating Matthew Hitt.

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It sounds like neither Dornan nor Johnson are interested in anything other than an on-screen relationship and an off-screen friendship. Instead of lamenting this, I'm celebrating the fact that Dornan is a loyal, sweet, and trustworthy partner who values his marriage and family.


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