Henry Cavill's Rumored Casting in 'Fifty Shades Darker' Could Spell Bad News For Jamie Dornan

The latest big Fifty Shades casting rumor has Superman himself, Henry Cavill, slated in the role of Anastasia's boss Jack Hyde. And the best part? Henry may be playing coy about the rumor, but he hasn't said it isn't true.


Which totally means he's signing on, right? He better not be messing with me, errr, us.

While I am super stoked about Henry's rumored casting, the folks at Movie Pilot bring up a very good point: would Henry's presence in Fifty Shades Darker upstage Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey?

As much as I love Jamie, and I so do, it's a truly valid question. Henry's career is on a hot streak and, let's face it, the ladies love him. He's super charming on screen and while he'll obviously be doing his job, ya know, acting, he oozes an affable quality.

It's also important to note that the Jack Hyde character is pretty damn despicable. No matter how piercing his blue eyes are or the strength of his advances, Anastasia is so not into him. But would we really believe she's not feeling him at all if he's played by Henry? Gorgeous Henry? Would we actually root for Anastasia to choose him over Christian?

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Not likely. First of all, with E.L. James all over the script and production, there's no way she's going to allow her beloved Christian to be run over by the likes of Jack Hyde. (Woman sticks to her story and does not deviate.)

Also, Jamie Dornan is our Christian. He's already had one film to feel comfortable in those designer suits and that BDSM atmosphere so it's likely he'll charm us even more in Fifty Shades Darker. We're always going to root for him because he's the man who brought our favorite character to life.

So breathe easy, folks. I think the addition of a little eye candy in the form of Henry will be good for the franchise, but it won't take away from Jamie the actor or Christian the character.

Now to suffer through the real test -- making it to the film's February 10, 2017 release date to finally see these two hotties in action.


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