Charlie Hunnam Makes 'Painful' Confession About His 'Fifty Shades' Exit

Actors drop out of movie and TV roles all of the time before production really gets going, but when Charlie Hunnam ditched his role in Fifty Shades of Grey, he ignited a social media revolt.


Fans were not happy. I mean, how dare he? Reject the role of Christian Grey? That's preposterous!

Charlie stayed largely silent following his departure and with good reason. Instead of pitchforks, fans were likely to come after him with whips and handcuffs.

Anyway, the Sons of Anarchy star is finally opening up about his decision to leave Fifty Shades and I actually feel bad for the guy. Despite all of the late-night talk show jokes claiming he "finally read the books" and that's why he decided to leave, this wasn't an easy decision.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly he says:

It was very, very painful for me, that whole process, just very unpleasant. I felt like I let myself down. I let those people down on Fifty Shades that I'd really grown to love and respect. It's just a really unpleasant period of time for me.

He's sticking to his story that an overloaded work schedule was causing him to burn out and that's why he dropped the role, not because he thought he was too good for the gig.

Obviously Fifty Shades bounced back quickly with Jamie Dornan in the role of Christian, so can we all just leave poor Charlie alone? It's not a Pete Best situation where he dropped out of the Beatles, the biggest band of all time, and was never heard from again. Charlie is working regularly and doin' his thing. It looks like, in the end, everything worked out for the best.


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