Charlize Theron Weighs In on Joining the Cast of 'Fifty Shades Darker'

Charlize Theron movie premiereIt almost seemed too good to be true when rumors began swirling that Charlize Theron was to take on the role of Elena Lincoln (a.k.a. Mrs. Robinson) in the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel, Fifty Shades Darker. Elena didn't make it into the first, and I was excited to hear that she (and Charlize!) would be in the Fifty Shades follow-up.


Charlize Theron is the perfect mix of bombshell and sexy sophistication to take on the role of Chrtistian's former (older) lover. But, alas ... according to Charlize herself, we may have been celebrating a bit prematurely.

In fact, she dashed all our dreams when, at the premiere for her upcoming thriller Dark Places, the newly single star told E! News, "I hadn't heard that one!"  And then she went on to joke, "I'm going to play the kinky guy with the room. I need to stretch. I need to find something outside of the box."

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Sigh, not exactly what we were hoping -- but I'm holding out that she's using humor, like many stars do when they are trying to play coy with the media, to deflect from rumors. I'm simply hoping that Charlize is in negotiations and just can't say anything yet.

You hear that, Charlize? We think you're the only one to play Mrs. Robinson, and we'll wait until you're ready for the big announcement!

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