Guy Who Runs a Boardroom Says 'Christian Grey Is a Total Joke!' -- Jealous, Much?

There seems to be no worse insult these days than comparing someone to Donald Trump, amirite? He's been known to fly off the handle in the past, and thanks to Mother Jones's handy dandy Donald Trump insult generator, we can get some idea of what the tycoon would say about certain other controversial figures -- how about Fifty Shades of Grey's Christian and Ana, should they get on his bad side?


A coding genius decided to create an insult generator using some of Trump's best lamest and most ridiculous zingers, so we decided to find out what he might say about some of our favorite characters from EL James's bestselling novels.

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I mean, sure, Christian would probably be golf buddies with Trump if he existed in real life, but does our favorite fictional tortured hero deserve to be slammed like this?

You might be able to call the BDSM-obsessed billionaire a lot of things, but a "goofball" isn't really one of them. Though, Trump isn't exactly known to be on point with his mockery. But what would he think of the lovely Ana?

No love lost for Ana's roommate and best friend Kate, either!

Trump and Grey would probably band together to insult Jose Rodriguez, Ana's photographer friend who tried to get a little too friendly after a night of margaritas.

The Donald doesn't seem to care for anyone in the Grey family, as it turns out. Look what happened when we put Elliot and Mia into the generator! They are both "hokey," apparently.

Oh, Donald Trump. The gift that keeps on giving -- whether it's intentional or not.


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