Rumor Has It Mrs. Robinson Was Just Cast for 'Fifty Shades Darker' & She's Perfect

A major role in Fifty Shades Darker has reportedly been cast, and it's definitely cause for celebration. Rumor has it Charlize Theron will play Mrs. Robinson in the sequel and that the cast will begin shooting this January in order to ensure a January 2017 release date.


Elena Lincoln, whom Anastasia Steele refers to as "Mrs. Robinson" throughout the second book, is an important, but controversial, figure in Christian Grey's life because she introduced him to the BDSM lifestyle when he was only 15. Technically she's a rather terrible person for taking advantage of a child, but it will be interesting to see how the film handles Theron, who at 39 is just a few years older than Jamie Dornan. My personal opinion is that they should hire an older actress, but the producers and writers probably want to keep things light and sexy and not create too creepy a scenario.

The Mad Max: Fury Road actress is also an Academy Award winner for her performance in Monster. If this casting rumor is true, she brings a serious dose of serious acting to the cast and may help draw in even more viewers, though Fifty Shades of Grey didn't exactly need any help in that area (the first film in the trilogy earned more than $500 million at the global box office).

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It's important to remember Theron has yet to confirm that she is on board, nor has the film's IMDb page been updated to include her information. As of right now, a director for the project has yet to be announced, nor have we received confirmation on whether British actor Henry Cavill will be playing Jack Hyde.

I'm guessing information is going to start trickling out quickly from now until autumn. With just a few months left until shooting is slated to begin, there are quite a lot of unanswered questions about the film -- but all shall soon be revealed.


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