10 Gorgeous Actresses Who Got Downright Ugly for the Big Screen (PHOTOS)

Laura Anastasia | Jul 26, 2015 Movies

Actresses can spend hours having their hair and makeup done in order to get into character, but the extra time doesn't always equal extra glam. In fact, for some roles, the results of all that prep work can be drab, disgusting, or downright terrifying. And that's no easy feat for makeup artists transforming gorgeous gals like Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Aniston.

Still, embracing a character that isn't easy on the eyes can be a good thing come awards season, as Oscar winner Charlize Theron learned when she took on the lead role in Monster. Regardless of motivation, these 10 actresses aren't afraid to go blah or blech for a big role. When the movie makeup comes off, however, their real beauty shines through. 


Image via Universal Pictures