New 'Grey' Book Is Here & Fans Aren't Holding Back With Their Opinions

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E. L. James's latest in the Fifty Shades of Grey saga -- simply titled Grey -- recently had its big release -- and there was a collective sigh after a build-up of excitement. As the pages were penetrated by eyes, one thing became abundantly clear. There was love. Fans love Grey, the book written from Christian Grey's point of view. Twitter climaxed with our favorite color -- #Grey. Here are some highlights and one little low.


The lovers:

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The conflicted lovers:

The haters hater:

I think it's clear ... fans love it. There were so many more positive fan reviews than negative. Many professional book reviewers hated it, but let's be real here. It's making many people very, very satisfied. And that's a good thing. We aren't and shouldn't compare it to Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman. Grey is first in fluff. Give me sand. Give me sun. Give me pages of pain. Give me Grey.


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