The 20 Sexiest Scenes From 'Fifty Shades of Grey' – And, Yes, They’re The Best Parts

Michele Zipp | Jul 16, 2015 Movies

fifty shades of grey scene
Fifty Shades/Instagram

While waiting for Fifty Shades Darker to get its kinks worked out, we still have all that is Fifty Shades of Grey. It will remain our first look at Christian and Ana -- and love and lust and the red room of pain. To satisfy our desires for everything Grey, we can take a look at the sexiest scenes from our favorite dom/rom and fantasize. Don't bush too hard while reading this list, it's all in good fun, ladies. 

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We admit it, we love Fifty Shades of Grey. Christian. Ana. Bondage. Lips. Anticipation. Yearning. It's all here. First, we got stuck on these characters through the books, but now that the movie are coming out ... we can't help it, we're completely obsessed. And while we love the "love story" of Fifty Shades, what we can't get over are the steamy, sexy, sex scenes that we keep playing in our minds again and again. 

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The film's steamiest moments are captured in photographs that ignite a thousand of our naughtiest dreams. Prepare to be turned on -- here are 20 of the sexiest moments from Fifty Shades of Grey. Read through in the privacy of one's own home.

fifty shades of grey