Jamie Dornan's New Role Is More Sinister Than Even Christian's Darkest Thoughts

jamie dornanJamie Dornan isn't just Christian Grey, the man we love to lust after in Fifty Shades of Grey. While we know he's a doting dad and loving husband in real life, his acting life just got a lot more sinister. And I don't mean just in the new twists in Fifty Shades DarkerIn the movie Anthropoid, Dornan plays an assassin out to kill a top member of the Nazi regime "for the greater good" -- and it sounds intense.


Yes, our man is in a war film, and we are happy to announce he is playing a good guy. Jamie was cast as Jan Kubis, a Czech agent on a mission to eliminate Reinhard Heydrich, one of the masterminds behind the Holocaust. Dornan's character parachutes into Nazi territory for the assassination.

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Total slayer. In every way. Our Jamie.

On playing the killer, Jamie said:

You always need drive as an actor. Could there be any stronger a drive than the opportunity to assassinate somebody so horrific? There is nobody in the world who cannot but see Heydrich as evil.

This is murder but for a greater good. What can be more satisfying than assassinating the mastermind of the Final Solution?

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Being a fan of Jamie Dornan isn't hard to do. And not just because he's so sexy in Fifty Shades. His performance in the BBC series The Fall is incredible, and this new role sounds just as powerful. It's clear Dornan has a huge acting career ahead of him, in a wide range of roles and films. See? Fifty Shades wasn't the career killer some seemed to think it was.


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