Dakota Johnson Spills New Details on 'Fifty Shades Darker' Filming

Several key roles have yet to be cast, and a director has not, to our knowledge, been hired to lead the much-awaited project, but Dakota Johnson has confirmed it: Fifty Shades Darker will start filming in January 2016.



In an interview with Glamour Madrid's El Pais, the actress who made Anastasia Steele a household name revealed she, Jamie Dornan, and the other actors whom we know will reprise their roles in the sequel are preparing to return to the set next winter, which means Fifty Shades Darker may be released on Feb. 10, 2017, as planned.

With that said, neither Universal Pictures, nor author EL James, have officially confirmed the project will move forward (though, obviously, they'd be crazy not to do it given the fact that Fifty Shades of Grey generated more than $500 million worldwide). Fifty Shades director Sam Taylor-Johnson is most definitely not returning to direct the sequel -- she and James famously clashed on set and -- and assuming a new director has been chosen behind closed doors somewhere, we have zero knowledge of it.

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Casting for the sequel has been equally as mysterious. The character of Jack Hyde is reportedly going to be a major one in Fifty Shades Darker and will come between Ana and Christian Grey. There's talk about British actor Henry Cavill stepping into Jack's shoes, but that has yet to be confirmed. Other exciting casting rumors include model Cara Delevingne playing Christian's ex-submissive Leila Williams and Charlize Theron assuming the role of Mrs. Robinson. But, still, crickets are chirping loudly on Fifty Shades Darker's IMDb page.

With that said -- hurray! Filming will begin soon (we think)?

Which actors would you like to see play Jack Hyde, Leila, and Mrs. Robinson?


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