Jamie Dornan's Romantic Words About His Wife Will Make You Melt

jamie dornan amelia warnerWhile it seems that so many of our favorite couples are breaking up (Ben and Jen will take a long time to get over), thankfully we have the ever-romantic Jamie Dornan to show us how love is very much alive in Hollywood. This guy loves his wife, actress Amelia Warner. The things he said about her will warm even the coldest hearts. Prepare to swoon.


After going on many awful dates and being single for seven years, Jamie said that he fell in love with Amelia the first time ever he saw her face. For real. That's LOVE! When asked if there as anything that once annoyed him about his wife that he grew to love, Jamie told Yahoo:

I was smitten from the start, I really was. I'm more in love with her today than I was at the start, so no.

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See that? Not even an over-the-top sexy movie can quell their love. And with each passing day, the love grows.

What really sealed the deal for me is how he said it in the interview -- he's sort of shy (even though he plays the very bold Christian Grey). He seems so sweet. You can tell he wants to give interviews but wants to stay private, too. He's protecting his love. And he seems to really speak from the heart when talking about his wife, the mother of his daughter Dulcie. His accent certainly makes it so I could listen to him talk about anything -- even things like tools all day -- and I would still find him sexy. His love for his lady is so very clear. Obviously, Jamie is a romantic. He even believes the Fifty Shades of Grey is a love story.

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Come to think of it ... I've been smitten with Jamie from the start, too.

What do you think of how romantic Jamie is? Are you surprised?


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