Real-Life ‘Magic Mike’ Takes It All Off for Movie Audience -- Live! (PHOTO)

magic mike xxlWomen who show up to see Magic Mike XXL have high expectations, and it sounds like they're all leaving happy customers. But imagine showing up for the movie and having your expectations exceeded -- by a surprise live performance as the end credits roll! That's what happened when one man dared to jump in front of the screen and do his own Magic Mike strip routine.


The exhilarating post–Magic Mike performance was captured on camera and posted on Reddit, where it quickly rose to the front page. With good reason! I mean, this doesn't happen every day.

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What a treat! And what a sweetheart for waiting until the movie was over before doing his own routine. But who is this guy? Why'd he do it? Was he so caught up in the MAGIC that he had to run on up and testify? Was he envious of all the attention the men on-screen were getting from the ladies?

WHY??? Not that we're complaining.

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BuzzFeed News did some sleuthing and found out the impromptu stripper is 25-year-old car salesman Luke Samson of East Sussex, England. And his performance was not so impromptu. Turns out he sent out a dare on Facebook as a joke.

1000 likes and I'll jump on the stage at Cineworld Eastbourne and do a full strip routine through magic mike xxl @8:30 and thrust my shit up in some unsuspecting Middle Aged womans face! 󾌴󾌴

Posted by Luke Samson on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Samson told BuzzFeed News that he usually puts up jokey statuses before heading off to the movies. "So this time [I put] up a status declaring if I get 1,000 likes, I’ll strip at Magic Mike at [the] cinema (as a joke), thinking 1,000 likes was unrealistic." Oh dude. Do not post a challenge to strip on Facebook and then naively expect it to go unmet.

Why do I open my big fucking mouth!!!

Posted by Luke Samson on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Right? But hey, Samson doesn't want to let anyone down. He took that dare, ladies and gentlemen, and stripped for the good people of East Sussex. He even posted video of his performance on his Facebook page.

I'm a man of my word!!! Lucky Luke xxs

Posted by Luke Samson on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cartwheel, FTW! No, but can we talk about that thong? That was a nice touch. To bad he ran off so quickly or he could have left with a waistband stuffed with bills.

So Samson danced because of a Facebook dare. But come on, that's not the real reason he did it. I think Samson has been waiting for this moment, this chance to show the ladies what he's got.

As LaineyGossip put it in their review of the movie, "From start to finish, Magic Mike XXL is about how sexy turning on women is. No, not how sexy turned-on women are but, again, how sexy it is to turn on women." Samson wanted to enjoy the thrill of turning on an entire theater of women. What a rush!

I wouldn't be surprised if he does it again. Once you get a taste of that Magic Mike magic, you start to crave it, again and again. It's only a matter of time before this turns into a passion for Samson. Car sales? Screw that! He's only 25. He's got a bright new future ahead of him.

Have you seen Magic Mike XXL yet? What would you do if some guy stripped at the end like Samson did?


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