'Fifty Shades Darker' Casting Update: Everything We Know So Far

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There is so much to keep track of when it comes to the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel, Fifty Shades Darker. New characters will be introduced, some will attempt to come between Ana and Christian, and it's reportedly going to be a hotter, sexier film with even more risqué scenes. Here is the latest on who has been cast and exactly what's going on.


The screenplay is being written by the closest person to the book's writer, E.L. James -- her husband, Niall Leonard. Strange, but true. Hopefully they work well together. I'd hate to hear the conversation about "Honey, why did you leave out the fifth flogging? Why only four in that scene?"

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Dana Brunetti, Michael De Luca, and E.L. James herself are back as producers. And of course Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson will return, because at this point, it's not Fifty Shades without them. (Which means they probably got some pay raises.) Also returning are Rita Ora (as Mia Grey) and Luke Grimes (as Elliot Grey and lover of Ana's friend Kate, played by the returning Eloise Mumford). Victor Rasuk as Jose is also back -- he's Ana's pal who has a crush on her. Note to Jose -- stick to just taking pics and no more flirting with Ana.

Adding to the list of men who threaten Christian is his old pal Jack Hyde, Ana's boss who totally wants to get it on with her. The man getting that role is rumored to be the sexy Henry Cavill. Oh my! Prepare to see plenty of Christian versus Jack here. I'm so excited for this!

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The front-runner for the role of Mrs. Robinson, a.k.a. Elena, is Charlize Theron. If true, the star factor for this film just shot straight through the stratosphere. And adding to incredible hot factor of the film is the gorgeous Cara Delevingne, who is rumored to be cast as Leila Williams, Christian's ex-submissive who isn't too happy with Ana.

There is still no director. But if the above is all true, I'd bet a lot of people are signing up begging to be a part of this.

It's expected that the second installment will be "darker," as the title suggests, with some more intense sex scenes, though I don't think we should expect full frontal from Dornan. Not that it's necessary. The film will still reportedly be sexier than the first while also staying true to the love story that it is. What? It's a love story! We still have to wait until 2017.

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